Traditional Acupuncture – The use of super fine needles make this treatment almost painless. Most needles are inserted on the arms and legs and penetrate just barely past the thickness of the skin. Acupuncture treats the whole person to restore normal physiological functions no matter what the illness or disease. In other words acupuncture is effective for all imbalances and brings about quick, lasting relief.

– Initial visit (60 minutes) $125.00                                                                                                                                                 – Follow up visit $85.00

Reiki Acupressure – This is a hands on treatment with no needles. Reiki Acupressure can have the same effect as acupuncture, being slower and more gentle. Using the same acupoints, the energy channels are brought in balance with pressure and “Qi conduction” from the practitioner. Excellent for deep relaxation and restoring physiological functions.

– Initial visit (60 minutes) $125.00
– Follow up visit $95.00

Nutritional Consultation – Digestion is one of the leading causes of disease in modern society. Chemical foods and environmental pollutants are causing many common ailments. Dietary, supplement and herbal recommendations will be made using Chinese principles of the twelve organ systems. Body type, constitution and seasonal changes make this a dynamic approach to health, that doesn’t limit ones diet but expands to abundant choices that makes food exciting.
– Initial visit (60 minutes) $125.00
– Follow up visit (45 minutes) $65.00
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For Acupuncture in San Jose call Frank Leonardi, LAc. He has been treating with acupuncture in Willow Glen for over eleven years.