Dao-Healing-Center-008Frank Leonardi, Licensed Acupuncturist, has over 25 years experience with acupressure, nutrition and Oriental bodywork. As a result of his extensive and varied training, he brings a depth of understanding and an intuitive level of awareness to his practice. In a comfortable setting, Frank takes time to listen to his patients’ needs, and encourages them to take part in the healing process themselves. He received his license in Traditional Chinese Medicine through the California State Tutorial program and is nationally certified in acupuncture.

Frank also received a massage certificate in Tui Na acupressure from the Acupressure Institute. He completed a two-year apprenticeship in cross-cultural healing at the Transformative Arts Institute and two years of study at the East-West Center for Macrobiotics. Frank is a Reiki Master and teaches ongoing Reiki classes. He has also been on the faculty at Trinity College, Five Branches Institute and American School of Herbalism. Frank is the founder of the Dao Healing Center clinic located in Willow Glen area of San Jose, California.


Acupuncture in San Jose at the Dao healing Center is the future of Holistic Medicine. Located in Willow Glen for over eleven years.